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How you can help honey bees

• Eliminate garden pesticides
• Plant flowers that bees like
• Provide bee habitat
• Let garden vegetables flower
• Support local beekeepers


If you see a swarm of bees

Don't panic. Call 651-436-7915.
Swarming honey bees do not want to hurt you. They're just on their way to a new home. If you think they are honey bees, we can help.

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U of M grad student presentations

If you missed the October meeting, or would like to download their presentations here's your chance.

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MHBA Monthly Meeting

February 14, 2017, 7:00pm - February 14, 2017, 9:00pm

Our meeting this month will included a combination of speakers. Our first speaker is Declan Schroeder (no relation) from the U.K. He is a bee expert working on honey bee viruses in the U.K. and Hawaii. He will be in town collaborating with Dr. Michael Goblirsch at the U. of M. and is willing to share his work with us on DWV and Varroa. Our second speaker this month is Ryan Lamb. Ryan lives here locally in the Twin Cities and is a commercial beekeeper. His bee operation is in North Dakota and in Texas. Ryan will focus on how they operate their queen raising program. They raise and sell mated queens and queen cells for their own operation—and supply other bee operations as well. Ryan will tell us how they select their breeder queens, and the process it takes to set up their bee yards for queen and cell production. If you have any interest in raising queens, please come to the meeting and Ryan will be more than willing assist you. Please remember that the outside doors lock after 7:00 P.M. on all U. of M. campuses, so please arrive a little early.

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