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5 ways you can help bees

  • Plant things that bees like
  • Provide bee habitat
  • Eliminate garden pesticides
  • Let your veggies bolt
  • Support local beekeepers

Support the honey bee by giving

Your support is put to immediate use funding honey bee research, education and community outreach. Donations help make this possible:

  • University of Minnesota Research Fund to help ensure the survival of honey bees
  • Beekeeping and honey bee educational activities for children and adults
  • Continuing development of best practices for beekeeping and hive management
  • Basil Furgala Scholarship Fund which supports students of apiculture
  • Demonstration hives for hands-on learning

Donating is easy

Choose from two ways to donate:


  • Add a gift to your annual MHBA membership dues
  • Donate quality goods for the annual auction at the banquet. Proceeds go to the Basil Furgala Scholarship Fund.

University of Minnesota Research Fund

The University of Minnesota Research Fund was established by the Minnesota Honey Producers to help support research and recognize the contributions of Dr. Mykola Haydak, a 30-year plus apiculture researcher and professor. Donations continue to help fund multiple research projects.

Basil Furgala Scholarship Fund

The Basil Furgala Scholarship Fund was started by the MHBA in honor of Dr. Basil Furgala, who received his doctorate at University of Minnesota in 1959 and then returned in 1967, succeeding Dr. Haydak as professor of apiculture. Dr. Furgala retired in 1982. Developed as a tribute to his many contributions, the fund supports student education in apiculture.
Visit the Basil Furgala Scholarship Fund website.