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5 ways you can help bees

  • Plant things that bees like
  • Provide bee habitat
  • Eliminate garden pesticides
  • Let your veggies bolt
  • Support local beekeepers

What should I do if I get stung?
First, remove the stinger if it is still stuck in your skin. You can scrape the sting site with your fingernail or a credit card. The sooner the stinger is removed, the smaller will be the reaction. Then visit the University of Nebraska, Lincoln website, where you will find a comprehensive guide to the treatment of stings.  

Who can take bees out of my residence?
Your first step is to determine the type of bees. Please call Bob Sitko at 651-436-7915 to talk about what kind of bees you have. He can direct you to the proper help and/or resources.
Can one of your members talk to our group or school?
Yes. Educational outreach is part of the MHBA mission. To schedule an event, simply email our school ambassador committee chairman, Jeorg at, who will help locate a member to make a presentation.
Where can I buy raw honey or beeswax?
Check your local farmers market, or visit MN Grown
Here you will find a list of all the farmers markets in the state.
Why are the bees in decline?
It is not yet scientifically clear if any one parasite or disease causes the decline of honey bees. A number of factors can make bees more vulnerable and weaken their immune systems, factors such as starvation from lack of foraging on a diversity of healthy plants, pesticides, herbicides, monoculture, poor beekeeping practices and global climate change. Refer to our bee friendly gardening links for ideas on how you personally can help the bees.
How do I get started in beekeeping?
Raising honey bees in Minnesota is a little complicated. It’s best to start by taking a class that covers raising bees in northern climates. Check out our classes page.
How do I find a beekeeping club near where I live?
Check out MN Beekeeper Groups for a list.
What beekeeping books are recommended?
We recommend two texts:

  • Beekeeping in Northern Climates by Marla Spivak
  • Beekeeping Hand Book by Diana Sammatero

Both books—and many more—are available in our MHBA lending library.

Why did my honey bees perish?
There are many reasons colonies perish, but often the culprits are varroa mites. If you weren’t monitoring the varroa count, and keeping it at a normal level, this could be the cause. Consult one of our members, or Ask Buzz for more information.
How do I catch a swarm?
It’s best to leave them alone or call a beekeeper to retrieve it. You can call Bob Sitko at 651-436-7915, who can help you find a beekeeper from our list of “Swarm Chasers”. Thanks for helping protect the fabulous honeybee.
How can I become a “swarm chaser”?
Contact the swarm chaser chairman, Bob Sitko at 651-436-7915 or email him at:
How do I put an advertisement in your newsletter?
Contact our editor Joy Lukes by emailing, she will be happy to assist you with that.
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