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5 ways you can help bees

  • Plant things that bees like
  • Provide bee habitat
  • Eliminate garden pesticides
  • Let your veggies bolt
  • Support local beekeepers

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2015 Officers

President Ellen Coffey [email protected]
Vice-President Joe Meyer
Secretary Dick Marks
Treasurer Elizabeth Schroeder


Board of Directors

(Year indicates the final year of term.)

Brandon Krosch (2015)
Susan Brown (2015)
Bob Meath (2016)
Dave LaCasse (2016)
Yuuki Metreaud (2017)
Jim Bull (2017)
Gary Reuter (U of M Research Seat)


Other Positions

Newsletter Editor Myla Meier [email protected]
Membership Jerome Rossi [email protected]
Librarian Heather Doran / Audrey Johnson [email protected]
Webmasters Terry McDaniel / Roxanne Thoeny [email protected]