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5 ways you can help bees

  • Plant things that bees like
  • Provide bee habitat
  • Eliminate garden pesticides
  • Let your veggies bolt
  • Support local beekeepers

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Resources for beekeepers

The MHBA mobile lending library embodies our mission, “Better Beekeeping Through Education.” Our collection of over 120 books, educational videos and resources on honey bees, native pollinators, apiary products, and all the finer points of beekeeping is a great asset available to our members. Library resources are offered to MHBA members in good standing and are available at regularly scheduled meetings.

Library Basics

Limited to one month per item, all checked-out materials are due back at the next MHBA meeting. Items borrowed at the November meeting are due in February.

Member households may check out up to 2 items at regular meetings, or 3 items from November to February.

Lost or Overdue Items
Items not returned by the November meeting will be considered lost and borrower will be asked to reimburse the MHBA for the cost of the item(s).

Members with outstanding charges will not be allowed to borrow additional items until the MHBA is reimbursed for the missing or lost items.

Help the Library Grow

Donate your bee-related books and videos by giving them to the current librarian. You’ll earn the heartfelt thanks and appreciation of other MHBA members.