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5 ways you can help bees

  • Plant things that bees like
  • Provide bee habitat
  • Eliminate garden pesticides
  • Let your veggies bolt
  • Support local beekeepers

We are a very social group

Beekeeping methods are constantly evolving and adapting to our changing environment, so it’s important to keep learning. We share our successes and mistakes with one another, working and learning together to improve our understanding of honey bees and successful hive management.

MHBA’s connection with the University of Minnesota resources and researchers means we stay current on honey bee research. Entomologist Dr. Marla Spivak and apiculture technician Gary Reuter are active members. Both generously share their expertise and experience with us. We—and our hives—benefit by learning from some of the best in the field.

Meetings and Events

Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month and February through November. Meetings held on the St. Paul campus, University of Minnesota, just west of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. There are no meetings in December and January. View meeting times, locations and topics.

The meetings are a great way to review fundamentals, learn new techniques and get answers to puzzling questions. The summer meetings include a hands-on hive management demonstration.

Our monthly meetings include:

  • U of M research updates
  • New information on diseases, pests and techniques to keep bees healthy
  • Topics spanning bee diseases and treatments to candle-making and mead making
  • Gary Reuter’s Q&A sessions, including expert hive management advice
  • An open forum to share experiences and new ideas
  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • Promotion and marketing tips
  • Extensive lending library
  • Snacks and door prizes

Honey bees are increasingly in demand for pollination and for their hive products. Organizations like ours are critical to the survival of the honey bees. Come learn with us—all are welcome!

Programs and Presentations

We share our knowledge and love of beekeeping—and encourage better understanding of honey bees—through several programs. Contact us for:

Minnesota State Fair

For over 50 years, the MHBA has been an active and important participant at the Minnesota State Fair. If you visit the Division of Honey and Bee Culture wing of the Horticulture building you’ve seen the fruits of our members’ hard work. Many of our members enter their honey, beeswax, observation hives, photography, handmade candles and honey-sweetened foods in the competitive display.

The MHBA also sponsors two special awards in the State Fair Division of Honey and Bee: the Hyser Award for outstanding comb section honey, and the Minnesota Hobby Beekeepers Award, a special lot featuring a different honey-sweetened food product each year.

We train and provide volunteers for the honey harvesting demonstrations and help with volunteers for the Buzz Booth, where fair-goers can learn by talking with a knowledgeable beekeeper.